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  1. Amino Acid Transporter. CATs undergo complex regulation at transcriptional (Fernandez et al., ) and posttranscriptional (Graf et al., ) levels, which include modulation by substrates and nontransported ligands, as well as by cytoskeleton proteins (Zharikov et al., ).
  2. Amino Acid Transporter Known as: Amino Acid Transport Systems [Chemical/Ingredient], Transporters, Amino Acid, Amino Acid Transporters Amino Acid Transporter proteins carry organic compounds containing an amino (-NH2) and a carboxyl (-COOH) group .
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  4. Sodium-dependent amino acids transporter that has a broad substrate specificity, with a preference for zwitterionic amino acids. It accepts as substrates all neutral amino acids, including glutamine, asparagine, and branched-chain and aromatic amino acids, and excludes methylated, anionic, and cationic amino acids.
  5. High-affinity permease involved in the transport of the cationic amino acids (e.g. arginine, lysine, histidine, citrulline, valine, and glutamate). Transport mostly basic amino acids, and, to a lower extent neutral and acidic amino acids. May function as a proton symporter.
  6. Effects. Acid deals damage and has a 10% chance of lowering the target's Special Defense by one stage.. Stats can be lowered to a minimum of -6 stages each. Changes. In Generations , Acid may lower Defense instead. (This is likely because Acid is a Physical move in those games.) In Generation 1, Acid has a % chance of lowering Defense, while in Generations it has a 10% chance.
  7. By RT-PCR using primers designed from sequences conserved in cationic amino acid transporters (CATs), Vekony et al. () obtained a partial clone of SLC7A3, which they called CAT3, from neuronal, glia, and testis teratocarcinoma cell line RNA. They obtained the full-length cDNA by screening a fetal brain cDNA library and by 5-prime RACE of a teratocarcinoma cell line cDNA library.
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