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  1. Baluchitherium definition is - a genus of very large Oligocene mammals related to the rhinoceros the remains of which are found in central Asia.
  2. Alternative Titles: Baluchitherium, Paraceratherium, giraffe rhinoceros Indricotherium, also called Paraceratherium, formerly Baluchitherium, genus of giant browsing perissodactyls found as fossils in Asian deposits of the Late Oligocene and Early Miocene epochs (30 million to million years ago).
  3. Dec 20,  · After the dramatic extinction of the dinosaurs, the bones of the largest land mammal were discovered in by English paleontologist Sir Clive Forster Cooper. In Balochistan.
  4. The immense baluchitherium stands nearly 18 feet high at the shoulder, measures 30 feet from end to end, and weighs 40, pounds. Despite its size, it lives a peaceful life pulling leaves from the tops of trees unless startled into action. When panicked, a baluchitherium tramples any obstacle in its path.
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  6. May 25,  · The Baluchitherium is considered the largest land mammal that ever lived. It is believed to be a type of rhinoceros. It was discovered in in Pakistan. This gigantic hornless rhino-like critter was a plant-eater.
  7. Indricotherium, Paraceratherium, Baluchitherium Indricotherium (Paraceratherium) is a prehistoric animal that evokes admiration and fascination even today, scaring the enthusiasts of Earth’s prehistoric periods at the same time. It is no surprise considering that it currently is considered the largest land mammal ever to walk on Earth.
  8. Mar 06,  · Ever since its scattered, oversized remains were discovered in the early 20th century, Indricotherium has occasioned controversy among paleontologists, who have named this giant mammal not once, but three times--Indricotherium, Paraceratherium and Baluchitherium have all been in common usage, with the first two currently battling it out for supremacy.
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