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  1. Maqam Nahawand is the main maqam in the Nahawand Family. Its scale starts with the root Jins Nahawand on the tonic, followed by either Jins Hijaz or Jins Kurd on the 5 th degree.. Maqam Farahfaza is Maqam Nahawand transposed to a tonic of G.. Explore other maqamat in the Maqam Nahawand Family.. Watch a 1-minute sample Violin Taqsim in Maqam Nahawand by Sami Abu Shumays.
  2. Nahawand Foundation takes its name from Maqam Nahawand, one of the classical Arabic maqams. According to Wikipedia: "Arabic maqam (Arabic: مقام‎) is the system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music, which is mainly melodic. The word maqam in Arabic means place, location or position. The Arabic maqam is a melody type.
  3. Apr 21,  · Maqam Nahawand compilation - part 2 مقام النهاوند - الجزء الثاني - Duration: Quran 4ever 13, views.
  4. Aug 29,  · Adkhar After Prayer - Sheikh Husary Liverpool huigatippiegrimbu.miibartnamursificarfihejetocom.co?v=cl3ytWnRzqk Maqam Jiharkah huigatippiegrimbu.miibartnamursificarfihejetocom.co?v=4GibA4T_NP4.
  5. Comment by Xuxanov. حلو. TZ. Users who like Beautiful Soothing Recitation Maqam Nahawand Qari توفيق الصايغ; Users who reposted Beautiful Soothing Recitation Maqam Nahawand Qari .
  6. Jins Nahawand is a 5-note jins. It is notated here with its tonic on C and its ghammaz on G. Jins Nahawand is the first jins in Maqam Nahawand. Alf Leila w .
  7. Maqam Nahawand: Maqamat (Musical Odes) Overview. The Maqamat (Arabic musical odes) are 8 scales in number. Contained in the mnemonic (Made by your magic). Today’s lesson is about Maqam Nahawand. It is a maqam that is romantic and passionate. It is loved by many for it’s ability to bear the feeling of yearning.
  8. The Arabic Maqam (plural Maqamat) is a system of scales, habitual melodic phrases, modulation possibilities, ornamentation techniques and aesthetic conventions that together form a rich melodic framework and artistic tradition.

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