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  1. Vinyl and CD Discography; Credits Technical Add Release; Data Quality. Correct. Needs. major. New. Updated. submissions pending; 1 – 25 of The Flatland Express* The Flatland Express* - Papa Gene's Blues.
  2. Flatland Express Bluegrass. From the flatlands of South Carolina has emerged a dynamic Bluegrass group called Flatland Express. The six member band have been delighting their audiences with their captivating harmony and tantalizing instrumentation. The band enliven their audiences with both traditional and non-traditional Bluegrass, Gospel, as well as stimulating re-compositions of older 60's .
  3. Flatland Express Bluegrass Band. likes. A dynamic 5 member bluegrass band from the state of South Carolina. Winner of The Little Roy and Lizzy Band Competition likes.
  4. Feb 03,  · Flatland Express performing a song about a Civil War soldier. Performed at SEBGA's February concert at Lynches River Park.
  5. The session guitarist was James Burton who played the solo for Papa Genes Blues. Nez encouraged Burton to "pick it Luther" in reference to Johnny Cash's lead guitarist Luther Perkins. Interesting was the fact that Davy was on the floor, unmiked, singing to the session players to keep them in rythym.
  6. Updated tentative competition schedule now available. Click here to see what events I plan to photograph in
  7. Apr 28,  · Just watching the episode with Carl Ballentine in it titled "FIND THE MONKEES", complete with a romp featuring PAPA GENE'S BLUES, and never noticed until today that both Davy & Peter are silently lip-syncing AHHHHH during the chorus. Of course the first AHHH's we got to hear were remixed from the multi-track tapes on the 2CD remaster of the.
  8. Flatland is a world that exists on the two-dimensional plane, where its inhabitants—literal geometrical shapes—live in a highly-structured society organized into classes based on the number of sides of a figure. The narrator and protagonist of Flatland, A Square.

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